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Take a look around the site or call today not all machines are listed!

Knapsack Sprayers, Cooper Pegler, Berthoud, Solo

Cooper Pegler

Give us a call today we are one of the largest suppliers of knapsack sprayers in the UK. Product ranges from Cooper Pegler, Berthoud and Solo so we have the professional equipment you need at superb prices so call or email Chris with your requirements.

of agricultural and amenity spray nozzles and sprayer parts.
specialist for sales of agricultural and amenity spray nozzles and sprayer parts.

Sprayer nozzles available all sizes in stock

Replace your Sprayer nozzles with us today a company with over 25 years of specialist knowledge of crop-spraying so we can advise you of the right choice for your machine. Call Chris now on (01948)840187

Allman Sprayer Parts

Typical Control Found On Allman Sprayers

Searching for Allman sprayer parts? Please call us today as we can help you find what you are looking for!

FarmGem Sales Update

FarmGem Diamond Trailed 24M Sprayer
(See FarmGem Section For Images On Our Recent Sale) Another 2 have been sold in January but we have more coming into the UK for 2012 season so call Les to get your name on the list before they all get tested, delivered and installed and spraying fields around Shropshire and beyond!

Enduramaxx Tanks

Check out water storage tanks we can supply by visiting the tank section.
Please ring for more details on fittings and the range of camlocks to connect to your sprayer today!

Nozzle Update!

Nozzles will always need replacing from time to time so why not invest in the Hypro Guardian Air nozzle. We have a full range of sizes now in stock and can supply via mail or over the counter from the stores department. These nozzles have a slight 15 degree angle on them and most customers have been fitting them “one facing, one back etc” to gain the best results.

Don’t be left behind using the same old nozzles hoping they will do you another season because you should be making sure that your crops are weed and disease free this year by changing to GA’s



Cooper Pegler Sprayers Now On Our Website

The range of Cooper Pegler knapsacks are now available to view on our website and don’t forget that we are a main distributer so if you are looking at purchasing a number of machines contact the sales team today for the best prices around the UK.